Instrument Distribution 2021


Working with the Boulder Valley School District and our repair partner, CIOMIT, Bringing Music to Life made instruments available to many students who lost theirs in the Marshall fires.  Our first delivery of a dozen refurbished instruments was made in mid-January. By the end of January, 2022, 40 young musicians whose instruments were lost to fire had newly restored instruments to play. 

This past August, with the help of our repair partners, we readied 594 refurbished instruments for the deserving music programs selected to receive them.

Forty-one music teachers from all across the state spent the last days of summer coming to Denver to take possession of these instruments prior to the 2021/2022 school year!

When Westminster High School came to pick up their instruments, What’s Up WPS cameras came along and they were there as the students began to play!

Take a look and have a listen!